How does "Yoked" apply to you?

Yoked (verb) - A device for joining together a pair of draft animals, especially oxen, usually consisting of a crosspiece with two bow-shaped pieces; a frame fitting the neck and shoulders of a person, for carrying a pair of buckets or the like, one at each end.


God calls us to be yoked to him.

Matthew 11:30 states, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."

As noted in the definition above, farmers used to join their oxen together through the process of yoking. By fitting a young ox with an older one, the older and more experienced ox would carry the brunt of the load and train the younger one.

This Scripture paints a word-picture for us: Jesus is telling us that when we are yoked to Him, He will lead and train us in the way we need to go.

You can make a difference...

This same principle applies to Christians who bind together to make an eternal impact.

There are over 500 Christian churches within Palm Beach County that meet to serve and praise the Lord every week. Even with that number, there are still over 1 million non-believers that live in our own backyards.

At Yoked For A Cause, you will be inspired, renewed, and refreshed from the weekend to go back to your home church with a new and excited passion for what God has in store for you and the calling He has placed on your life as a woman.


Yoked for a Cause

...and make an eternal impact.

As believers, we are called to work with our God to break the yoke of bondage burdening women in crisis.

"Now I will break their yoke from your neck and tear your shackles away." — Nahum 1:12-14

How can you get involved?

Ladies, there are many ways to get involved at Yoked!

First, you will not want to miss this year's Friday night Worship Encounter were we will be meeting together as a corporate body to worship and praise the Lord, Jesus Christ. Multiple church worship pastors and leaders have come together to lead us into a night of praise like we have never experienced before.

Saturday morning's womens conference this year is not one to be missed! This year's speakers are excited and ready with a Word in their heart for the women of South Florida!

You can sponsor a vendors table in our lobby to support your local business. The vendors tables are used to identify local Christian business to support. Please contact info@yokedforacause for more vendor information.

Last, you can support us with a monetary gift of any amount. We are a non for profit ministry that raises its monetary needs solely from donations and ticket sales. Each year, the Yoked Team steps out by faith to contract and hire the best for Palm Beach County believing that God will raise the funds to make this ministry possible. He does this through you. Thank you for purchasing a ticket to the conference and for sowing into this ministry!

Yoked for a Cause Conference

This year's conference will support:

  Yoked for a Cause Conference

Epic Beauty

  Yoked for a Cause Conference

Place of Hope